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Managing a Long-Term Fate RPG Campaign Online

15 August, 2018

I moved to rural Pennsylvania a few years ago and this forced me to move my gaming online. Fortunately, my gaming friends were cool with this and we started playing online. This article is a breakdown of setting up and running an almost two-year Fate RPG campaign with a focus on tools and setup. Gathering […]

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What I Read in 2017

31 December, 2017

For fun, here is a list of the books that I’ve read in 2017. Note that most of these were “read” via audiobook. Loved The Crimson Campaign: The Powder Mage Trilogy 2 The Autumn Republic: The Powder Mage Trilogy 3 In the Field Marshalls Shadow (Powdermage Universe) How to fail at almost everything and still […]

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Designing NYU’s College of Global Public Health New Website

31 July, 2017

“Designing an Energetic and Entrepreneurial Website” talks about the discovery and design process for NYU’s new website for the College of Global Public Health. Creating the design for CGPH was satisfying on a lot of levels. The new site has strong, captivating visuals and represents their desire to “reinvent the public health paradigm.”

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Circumstantial PC Aspects in Fate

04 December, 2015

One of my favorite things about the Fate RPG is that all of the mechanics of the game are really just ways to redirect focus on the narrative of the game. The most potent tool for this is the Aspect. These bits of description tell us what is important and define when it can be […]

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Dear Old Geeks, It’s Time to Welcome the New Geeks

30 November, 2015

We are in a golden era of geek culture. Our movies are killing it in the box office—Avengers, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc, and they are some of the most popular shows on TV, like SHIELD, Agent Carter, Gotham, Supergirl, Flash, Green Arrow, etc. Geeky things are now the mainstream. It wasn’t always that way. […]

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The Disposable PC, for Fate

25 November, 2015

Sometimes random people show up for a night of gaming and no one (GM or player) has had time to prep a character for that person to play. Sure, they could play one of the NPCs, but only if there is a fleshed out NPC with a character sheet. So you could have the hassle […]

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How I Evaluate my Fate PCs

24 November, 2015

Building characters in Fate is pretty easy, but sometimes I wonder if I’ve made a good one. I’d like to acknowledge that “good” is subjective. If you’re having fun playing your character and everyone in the group likes having them there, you have a good one. You’re a winner! Despite this, I have a habit […]

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