Rough Fate Game Idea—Modern Gods

As I headed back to the office after lunch a thunderbolt of inspiration hit for me a one-off Fate game that I call Modern Gods.


The influence that the gods once knew on the world is faltering. Most believe that this is because of science and reason and that is the way that The Other likes it.

The gods are trapped and dying, their magic going to fuel this Other and its machinations. This has been happening for many centuries and the last little bits of the gods are becoming brittle and shedding off.

Everything that is shed off is devoured by The Other. Except for a small fragment now and again. When this happens people call them miracles.

With the end in sight The Other is being whipped into a frenzy, and it is getting sloppy. Fragments are flying loose and falling to Earth.

The Characters

This one-shot game will feature a collection of folks from around the world who have had pieces of the gods woven into who they are.

These fragments are called Mantles, with each Mantle being based on a godly domain or portfolio. The game would involve the players using the Mantles to investigate and defeat The Other.

This would be a variant of how Fate Accelerated (FAE) swaps skills for approaches. These Mantles would be approaches. My list of possible Mantles is short (I haven’t spent much time brainstorming yet.)

  • Love
  • Death
  • War
  • Nature
  • Etc.

I would imagine that using the Mantles to solve problems would be pretty epic. I use Death to kill the pedestrians crossing the street to block the car from getting away or I use Nature to summon forth a herd of deer to use as an escape from the scene. This is the reason I think that this would be a good one shot, and not likely appropriate for a long-term campaign.

There would also be one more spin on the way the game is played out — there is a finite number of ranks for Mantles.

What I’d like to do is mimic the idea that the gods steal each other’s powers and influence. So each player would start with each Mantle set to +0. Through some method I have not yet determined, each player can gain ranks from either a pool of undeclared ranks or by stealing from another player’s pool of ranks.

If you have thoughts, let me know on Twitter at @amazingrando