Mantles in Modern Gods—Ideas on Using & Stealing Power

A couple of weeks ago inspiration hit for the creation of a one-shot Fate RPG adventure called Modern Gods. I’ve let the idea percolate a bit and now I’m ready to revisit it. Approaches (not Skills) and God-like Power For Modern Gods I want the god-like powers to be center stage. It should be like… Continue reading Mantles in Modern Gods—Ideas on Using & Stealing Power

Snowmageddon, Again

The Trouble Began With A Forgotten Power Cord Adapter I recently got a new computer but not the companion power cord, so I have a simple, small adapter (technically a Magsafe to Magsafe 2 Adapter). So when I left for the weekend on Friday it was easily overlooked and left behind. The next day, Saturday,… Continue reading Snowmageddon, Again

About Me, Career Edition

One of the great loves of my life is solving problems and in the process make the world a better place, even if only incrementally. But let us get into some details. Early Education In high school I was determined that I would be a comic book illustrator, so I dropped and passed on opportunities… Continue reading About Me, Career Edition

Let’s Get This Party Started

I have a million ideas passing through my head and I need a place to start writing them down, so welcome to my blog. The topics that I’ll be covering will generally follow my big three interests—design (I’m a Web designer), gaming (board games, RPGs, etc.), and business, which I’m dipping my toes into. So… Continue reading Let’s Get This Party Started