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How to Handle Missing Players in a Fate Campaign

02 January, 2015

Even the most regular of tabletop gaming groups has absences from time-to-time and there are many ways to handle it. Personally as a GM, I generally just wave my hand and say, “Oh well, they missed out on this awesome adventure” and the players continue on as if that character hadn’t just mysteriously disappeared. And […]

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Book Review—Superhuman By Habit

01 January, 2015

This book report is about Superhuman By Habit: A Guide to Becoming the Best Possible Version of Yourself, One Tiny Habit at a Time by Tynan. The book was read on my Kindle over the course of a couple of weeks. This was usually when I was helping my daughter wind down for the night, […]

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A Love Letter to Love Letter

30 December, 2014

Love Letter is one of those games that I heard a lot of wonderful things about but have avoided because I already have a solid collection of light and quick games in my board game collection. Now that the holidays are heading to a close, I decided to open up the copy that I had […]

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Android First Impressions

29 December, 2014

So I’ve made the switch from iOS to Android and I have to say that overall I’m not becoming a fan. In no particular order, these are my thoughts. Haptic feedback, that small vibration when you tap a button, is a thing that I’m starting to like. I like it when I’m typing, especially as […]

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Too Many Books to Read

19 December, 2014

I don’t do enough meaningful reading* and I’m starting to get a huge backlog. This is a problem. There are so many books, novels, magazines, blogs, etc. out there that I find interesting and want to enjoy. I frequently have dozens of RSS feeds, wishlisted books, and bookmarked articles to read. They are just sitting […]

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Switching to Android

17 December, 2014

Quite a few people are surprised when I tell them that my new phone is an Android phone and they are even more surprised when I tell them that it is a older Android phone. Let’s talk about how this came to be. The long hard look at the phone bill Now that the two-year […]

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Nominated for an ENnie Award

15 July, 2014

My Fate SRD site has been nominated for an ENnie for Best Web Site! I could not be more overjoyed! I’ve been a gamer for a long time, more than twenty years, and I’ve always wanted to be involved in the larger gamer community. I GM a lot and so I write a lot of […]

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Adding Flourish to a CSS Animation

02 July, 2014

I’m new to animation in CSS. I’ve read The CSS Animations Pocket Guide and explored tutorials online, doing little code sketches of things to get a handle on the new possibilities. So while working with one of the other designers on a landing page I saw a possibility for adding a small animated flourish. The […]

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How I Setup a Junkyard Boss Fight in Fate

02 June, 2014

For my Fate RPG campaign Brewed Awakening the most recent story arc ended with a big fight scene in a junkyard. This is a writeup of how I ran it. The Cast Involved The heroes: James, Alcholic Alchemist Wizard Apprentice Reba, Accidental Voodoo Student Becca, Psychic Honor Roll Student Markos, Greek Geek Artificer The bad […]

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