Android First Impressions

So I’ve made the switch from iOS to Android and I have to say that overall I’m not becoming a fan. In no particular order, these are my thoughts. Haptic feedback, that small vibration when you tap a button, is a thing that I’m starting to like. I like it when I’m typing, especially as… Continue reading Android First Impressions

Too Many Books to Read

I don’t do enough meaningful reading* and I’m starting to get a huge backlog. This is a problem. There are so many books, novels, magazines, blogs, etc. out there that I find interesting and want to enjoy. I frequently have dozens of RSS feeds, wishlisted books, and bookmarked articles to read. They are just sitting… Continue reading Too Many Books to Read

Switching to Android

Quite a few people are surprised when I tell them that my new phone is an Android phone and they are even more surprised when I tell them that it is a older Android phone. Let’s talk about how this came to be. The long hard look at the phone bill Now that the two-year… Continue reading Switching to Android

Recap Aspects in Fate

For the past eight years I’ve been running a wiki that hosts information about all the RPG games that I’ve played and run. Say what you will about being OCD, but being able to go back and reference those notes is handy and allows me to wax nostalgic from time-to-time. My players understand that part… Continue reading Recap Aspects in Fate