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Nominated for an ENnie Award

15 July, 2014

My Fate SRD site has been nominated for an ENnie for Best Web Site! I could not be more overjoyed! I’ve been a gamer for a long time, more than twenty years, and I’ve always wanted to be involved in the larger gamer community. I GM a lot and so I write a lot of […]

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Adding Flourish to a CSS Animation

02 July, 2014

I’m new to animation in CSS. I’ve read The CSS Animations Pocket Guide and explored tutorials online, doing little code sketches of things to get a handle on the new possibilities. So while working with one of the other designers on a landing page I saw a possibility for adding a small animated flourish. The […]

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How I Setup a Junkyard Boss Fight in Fate

02 June, 2014

For my Fate RPG campaign Brewed Awakening the most recent story arc ended with a big fight scene in a junkyard. This is a writeup of how I ran it. The Cast Involved The heroes: James, Alcholic Alchemist Wizard Apprentice Reba, Accidental Voodoo Student Becca, Psychic Honor Roll Student Markos, Greek Geek Artificer The bad […]

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Recap Aspects in Fate

31 May, 2014

For the past eight years I’ve been running a wiki that hosts information about all the RPG games that I’ve played and run. Say what you will about being OCD, but being able to go back and reference those notes is handy and allows me to wax nostalgic from time-to-time. My players understand that part […]

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Best Man Speech

27 May, 2014

I had the honor over the weekend to be the best man for my good friend Eric. We were dressed to the nines and wearing kilts. 🙂 So during the reception I got to give a speech. Never hand me a microphone in front of a group of people, because I will talk, talk, talk. […]

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Fate Pickup Game – Save the Ghostbusters

24 May, 2014

So this weekend I was the best man for my friend Eric’s wedding. At the rehearsal dinner, Sean Patrick Fannon was lamenting that he never gets to play (he always GMs) and that he has never played Fate. So I decided to run an ad hoc FAE game because I love improv games. During dinner […]

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The Humble Walleri, Another Fantasy Humanoid

02 May, 2014

As I mentioned in previous post my brain is stuck on creating new fantasy races for RPGs by using real world creatures as inspiration. Today’s inspiration is the Gerenuk. Some of the highlights that catch my imagination: Herd animal Runs very fast The long neck is pretty ridiculous looking Renown as a humble creature. From […]

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Designing for Developers

23 April, 2014

This article has my slides and links from “Designing for Developers”, a talk that I gave at the Drupal Indy Meetup on 23 April 2014. Highlights are pulled out below the inserted slides. When designers and developers work together sometimes there can be friction, especially around the visual design of a product. I have three […]

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Creating Fantasy Humanoids Out of Extreme Cryptids

21 April, 2014

On a lark I was listening to the GM Intrusions Podcast #13 where the host and guest @DarcyLRoss get lost talking about creatures that have extreme adaptations, like snails that survive inside super hot thermal vents. I’m going to refer to these creatures extreme cryptids. My brain is firing all the time and after the […]

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