About Me, Career Edition

One of the great loves of my life is solving problems and in the process make the world a better place, even if only incrementally. But let us get into some details.

Early Education

In high school I was determined that I would be a comic book illustrator, so I dropped and passed on opportunities for advanced placement classes so that I coudl focus on “my art”. With creativity, ink, and the local comic shop, I created my first comic. The proceeds funding my “studio” and art supplies.

While I was at art school—the Art Institute of Pittsburgh—I discovered that while I was an excellent illustrator my passion was finding a new direction, graphic design.

Like a sponge I sat for hours in the lab, learning Photoshop and QuarkXPress, which would be the skills I would need for my first job.

Starting my career

My first job was for a small mom-and-pop printer in my home town. I even got to yell STOP THE PRESSES once. In the process of learning the trade in the real world I also got to oversee the installation of modern equipment like film output from the computer and direct to plate (this was the 90s).

While the folks there kept putting new challenges in front of me, if was getting obvious that it was time to me to seek out deeper waters, and that is when I began the longest stretch of my career.

The University of Pittsburgh

This point in my life a lot of things were going on. I was in my 20s and now lived in the big city of Pittsburgh (about an hour north of my hometown).

While at Pitt I continued to grow and be challenged for about ten years. I started as a graphic designer, worked my way up to Design Manger, and then switched team to the Web team.

I was very curious about the Web. I knew that I had a decades-long career ahead of me and I was already starting to get bored with paper and ink selection, so dived in and learned HTML and CSS.

And I loved it.

I Also Found Love

So a long while after I joined the Web team, I displayed an aptitute for training our clients. I could boil the complicated down into something simple and digestable. This led to me being, in addition to designer and developer, our trainer for teaching folks how to update their sites.

During one such training I happened to glance into the hallway and I saw her, my future wife. Literally, though at the time I just thought that she had a nice, uh, derrière.

I’ll spare you the long love story but the short verison is this: we were inseparable from the start. Everything between us is completely natural and easy, and that is something that I try to never take for granted.

Moving to Indianpolis

So after ten years at Pitt I was feeling like I had to once again seek out deeper waters. I tried tried tried to work with my bosses to grow at the university because I loved my team. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.

So I cast a wide net and found a new home at Williams Randall Marketing. I was instantly smitten with the team and once I got started I loved the work.

Being a big fan of RPGs and board games, living in the city that hosts the Best Four Days in Gaming is a very sweet boon. I attend it every year.

Other Things

So this turned out to mostly be me talking about my career, which should clue you into the fact that I’m a very goal driven person.

Another time I’ll talk about my long history with RPGs, which spans about twenty years of my life.