Intro to HTML class for Trade School Indy

I had the great pleasure to teach HTML for Trade School Indy on 12 Feb, 2014. This page is a resource for my students and anyone else interested in HTML.

The Slides

I’ve posted my slidedeck to Slideshare, as well as embeddding it below:

Additional Learning Resources

All of these resources are great, for novices and experts. I actively use all of these.

W3Schools is a free resource for learning and experimenting with HTML.

Team Treehouse is a subscription service for learning a lot of online skills. You can learn HTML and CSS, as well as a whole lot more. You can also download the videos and keep them on your computer.

Code School is another subscription learning service for online skills. They have more robust tests than Team Treehouse above but the videos aren’t as entertaining.

Software For Writing HTML

Unlike photographers and designers who require Very Expensive Applications®, writing HTML only requires a text editor. (This is also true for CSS and Javascript.)

My text editor of choice is Sublime Text for Mac and PC. I’m a power user and it’s $70 price tag was worth it for me. But if you’re just starting out and not ready for an investment I recommend Text Wrangler. It is free and I personally used it for years. The only downside is that it is Mac-only. For PC users, I know folks who swear by the free text editor Notepad++, not to be confused with Notepad, the app found on all PCs.

More on Text Editors

Over on the Twitter, Adam Patarino suggests:

Brackets is a text editor that is actually built on the Web itself (HTML/CSS/JS). Like the Inception of text editors. I haven’t played with it in a while myself, but I know that folks like it.

Feedback from the Students

I got a lot of good feedback from the folks who attended this class. Check it out!