Kudos from my Intro to HTML Class

I’ve gotten my feedback from the fine folks who attended my Intro to HTML class and it has blown me away! I met my personal goal for the class, which was to help people understand that HTML isn’t a thing to fear.

I love all the feedback, but this first quote is exactly what I was going for.

“I did not know anything about html before taking this class and was not really sure what I was expecting. I left with a solid understanding of what it is and how to actually use it! The material was presented in a very easy to understand format. I don’t know that I will ever actually build my own website but the presenter definitely took the fear factor out of the possibility! I feel smarter :)!”

“This class was what I expected and hoped for. Randy did a great job of introducing html in an easy to learn format.”

“I thought it was really informative. I am glad it wasn’t any longer than it was. Not sure I would have followed along for a longer period of time. Probably just me! He was entertaining & made the info understandable. Looking forward to the CSS class.”

“Loved it! Can’t wait for into to CSS. Would definitely attend more classes taught by Randy.”

“Very insightful & allowed me to get a better understanding of HTML. However, I’m still unsure if I could build my own website from the teachings in class.”

“Thought it was a great overview and learned a lot from it! I hope that he will also teach more advanced classes built around this curriculum.”

“I thought the class was really informative, and it did exactly what I wanted it to do. I left with a more fleshed-out idea of what HTML is, and how it practically works. I’m signed up for a 100-hour online course about HTML and CSS, and I am so glad I went to the Trade School class first. The teacher was prepared, organized, knowledgeable and funny.”

Are you signed up for my Intro to CSS class yet? Only a few seats left!

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