Snowmageddon, Again

The Trouble Began With A Forgotten Power Cord Adapter

I recently got a new computer but not the companion power cord, so I have a simple, small adapter (technically a Magsafe to Magsafe 2 Adapter). So when I left for the weekend on Friday it was easily overlooked and left behind.

The next day, Saturday, was the start of Snowmageddon—Indianapolis edition.

Not My First Snow Rodeo

I’m proudly from southwestern Pennsylvania, where snow is common for basically the entire year. I think that I sprung forth from the womb with a snow shovel in hand. So a few years ago there was the snowstorm to end all snowstorms—Snowmageddon.

The snowfall was more than twenty inches. Everything was plunged into chaos. And my girlfriend was trapped with me in my apartment for four days.

That’s When the Magic Happened

Trapped in my apartment, my girlfriend and I scoured my apartment for things to do because there is only so much television that a person can watch. (This is a lie, I once spent four straight days on a couch watching the Stargate TV show, but I’m abnormal.)

So looking for something to do, we stumbled on my Magic the Gathering decks. I only had two or three of them, having years prior sold away my collection.

That is when she started to get hooked. In the years since, two things have happened. First, my now wife is more obsessed with Magic than I ever was, and second, she tells me often about how bad the decks we played with were during Snowmaggedon.

Back to the Missing Adapter

So this Saturday, as the snow began to fall I was in the car making the trek to the office for that power cord adapter so that I could keep my computer going.

Little did I know that the power would go out. Big time. I’ve heard that more than 60,000 people have had outages over the last couple of days. I’m one of them and my gut tells me that I’m not going to have power again, ever.

Holed up

So now I have found power and warmth while I wait for the power to be restored. I wish that I had thought to grab some games on my way out of the door.